How To Tell If A Counselor Is A Good Match

When you first start looking into the option of seeing a mental health counselor, people will advise you to find a counselor who is a good fit. This advice makes a lot of sense. A counselor who can relate to you and who you feel comfortable around will be able to help you make more progress than someone you do not feel comfortable around. But when you do start seeing various counselors and trying to find the right one, questions can come up. [Read More]

4 Reasons To Fill Your Prescriptions At An Independent Pharmacy Instead Of Using The Major Retail Chains

While independently owned pharmacies used to be the only place that you could pick up your prescriptions, they're quickly being replaced by major chains. Major chains are convenient since they have locations everywhere. Unfortunately, they don't always provide patients with the best service—pharmacists at these locations are often stressed and overworked. Thankfully, local independent pharmacies still exist in many areas. If you feel that you've been receiving inadequate service from the major retail chains, read on to learn four reasons why you should consider taking your business to an independent medical pharmacy. [Read More]

The Four Components Of A Drug Rehab Program

It's never too late to seek help for your drug addiction. Addiction treatment services can help you become sober, no matter how long you've been using substances. Checking yourself into a rehab program can seem like a big step, especially if you aren't sure what to expect. A little education can go a long way toward making you feel more comfortable seeking addiction treatment. These four things make up the basic components of a drug rehab program: [Read More]

3 Ways You Could Benefit From Physiotherapy After Giving Birth

After you give birth, you might be more worried about resting and spending time with your new baby than about going to more appointments. After all, you might have had a lot of doctor's appointments when you were pregnant, so you might not be looking forward to having even more. You may find that you could benefit from undergoing physiotherapy after giving birth, however. After all, your body has been through a lot. [Read More]